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Monday, January 02, 2006

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Finding the Perfect Lingerie Gift for Your Wife

Some people stop being creative at gift giving when they exchange wedding rings. But a marriage is a lifetime thing and if you stop being creative in giving gifts to your wife, chances are, even if she says nothing, she’s going to feel that you’re falling out of love with her.

And what better way to make your wife feel she’s sexy and desired than by…giving her handpicked sexy lingerie?

The best way to buy sexy (and perfect) lingerie for your wife is…first, to be armed with information. Her size and fit. You can do this by sneaking into her intimate apparel drawer and taking a close look at the labels. That should do the trick. Even if the sizes for normal bras and lingerie are not going to be the same, at least the shop assistant has got figures to work with. Forget about the typical scenarios people write into screenplays or movies. Men should NOT go around measuring other people’s breasts and bra size with the palm or their hands. The best you can do is probably comparing the size and height of the shop assistant to your wife. But even then, men tend to get embarrassed about making the comparison even if the shop assistant is not. Remember, they get this a whole lot throughout the day.

If you’re getting the lingerie for your wife online, you should check the returns and exchange terms that they have on their website. Just in case the size is not right, your wife can at least return it or exchange it for another size or color. All the better, if you’re buying lingerie for your wife, patronize online shops with free shipping – it saves you quite a bit of money there.

Men have no problems with matching their intimate apparel but usually, women feel sexy and most of them would like to match their bras and panties. So, buy exclusive lingerie with matching tops and bottoms. Some women like embroidered design and if the shop you’re buying the lingerie from does not have embroidered designs, you should get one with laces or something REALLY, really feminine.

Choosing from a wide variety of colors for the lingerie can be a headache. You like navy but do you think your wife would like to wear navy? Consider this, dark colored lingerie will show through light-colored clothing. Stick to pastel colors, white, beige or light purple that is sexy and feminine at the same time. If you’re still in doubt, check with her what her favorite color is. You can’t go wrong that way.

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